Our Story

Inspired To Do Better

In 2010, our Founder and CEO Tom Matzzie wanted rooftop solar power to provide electricity for his home. Unfortunately, he found it was harder to get access to solar than it should be. Tom knew there must be a better way for more people to choose clean energy. So, he decided to create a solution that would make it easier for homeowners and renters alike to access clean energy—and the renewable energy company CleanChoice Energy was born. We’ve since grown to help thousands of households get access to clean energy.

Driven To Do Good

We’re working toward a world free of catastrophic climate change with pure, clean air and abundant renewable energy.

Our mission is to switch as many American homes and businesses to clean, renewable energy as possible—and by doing that, transform the entire electricity market.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to make a big impact on the air we breathe, and on the environment. That’s why we advocate for clean energy at both the state and national levels.

Creating Choice Through Innovation

We’re actively exploring and developing new products and services that empower consumers to support clean energy, be more energy efficient, and live cleaner lives.

We’re pursuing the next generation of clean technology to deliver the best products for our customers and the environment.

In addition to our clean energy plans, we now offer community solar, which allows consumers to join a solar farm near them that produces energy on their behalf.

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