Switch to Renewable Energy from Twin Ridges Wind Farm

Now all of the energy your home uses can be replenished by energy from the Twin Ridges Wind Farm located in Somerset County, PA. Twin Ridges' 68 turbines produce enough electricity to power 34,000 homes annually.

Choosing Wind Power from Twin Ridges is Easy

Sign up in minutes and CleanChoice Energy will ensure that all the energy your home pulls from the power grid will be replenished by the Twin Ridges Wind Farm.

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Your bill and service will remain the same but the energy your home uses will be sourced from Twin Ridges Wind Farm.


Twin Ridges Facts


Has the capacity to generate 139.4 megawatts of power.


Prevent the equivalent of burning over 250 million pounds of coal annually.


Provides enough wind power to offset over 563 million miles driven.


$12 million in economic benefits to the state, local townships and schools.

How it Works

You Make the Switch

You can sign up for CleanChoice Energy here in just a few minutes

We Source Energy from Twin Ridges

We make sure all the energy you use is 100% wind power from Twin Ridges Wind Farm

We All Breathe Easier

More wind power on the grid means less air pollution and cleaner air for you and your neighbors

Eligibility for this product is limited based upon availability, including Twin Ridges facility generation and production. We ensure all of your electricity is matched to renewable energy certificates from Twin Ridges on an annual basis.

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