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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Green Gift Guide

holiday gifts with green wrapping paper

Many Winter holidays are, at their most basic, a celebration of the triumph of light over the dark. Occurring at the time of year when the Northern Hemisphere is shrouded in darkness more than it’s bathed in light, many cultures celebrate the faith that light will come again, and that warmth will return to the world. 

With that hopefulness for the future in mind, this holiday season we created a Green Gift Guide that helps you find gifts that give back to the planet. From solar powered toothbrushes to wind powered alarm clocks, there's something fun for everyone!

Solar Chargers 

It’s a modern fact—most of us have wireless gadgets that are perpetually in need of charging. Whether cell phones, tablets, e-readers, GPSes, or other items, everyone has something that needs a charge. So, why not try a solar charger? Solar chargers harness the energy of the sun to power up your handheld gadgets. Dozens of them, at all sorts of price points and capacities, are available online or in your local electronics store. 

Pressure Cookers 

Once a staple of post-World War II cooking because they use so much less energy than traditional cooking, pressure cookers have since been updated for the 21st century. Cooking your whole meal in one pot saves up to 70 percent less energy and reduces your carbon footprint. Bonus: it also reduces the energy and water you’d use to wash up afterward. 

Smart Thermostats 

Everyone likes to be cozy around the holidays. The best way to both do that and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time is to maximize your home’s efficiency. Smart thermostats help by learning your living patterns and adjusting your home’s temperature accordingly. Many also allow you to adjust your home’s temperature remotely, via a smartphone or other digital device, or with voice control. 

Solar Speakers 

Solar-powered speakers are great for anyone fond of music at the beach, on the boat, at cook-outs and picnics, camping out, at the park, hiking, or in any other sunny spot. Speakers range from rugged waterproof options to sleek high-tech types. 

Solar Lights 

For those who like a little decorative lighting on their front walk, porch, balcony, back deck, or garden, solar lights are a perfect gift. Available in a range of styles, they range from tiny fairy lights to larger lights that add to an area’s ambiance. For people who want to take like with them, solar lanterns are an attractive and sustainable way to light up a dark porch, outside living area, or campsite. 

Solar Flashlights 

Whether for use during home repairs, backyard camping trips, walking the dog, or electricity outages, flashlights come in handy at some point. Solar flashlights are a cool gift that allows people to directly store energy and use it in the dark—alleviating those situations when, inevitably, the flashlight’s batteries fail just when they are needed most. 

Solar Energy Kits for Kids 

There’s no better way to get kids engaged with renewable energy—while also fostering problem-solving and STEM-focused thinking—like letting them build their own solar panel or wind turbine. 


It’s true that dental hygiene supplies are not everyone’s idea of a great gift. However, they are small, fit perfectly in a stocking, and are something everyone uses. Used plastic toothbrushes thrown in the trash amounts to nearly 50 million pounds of waste every year. There are many options including bamboo toothbrushes, some space-age versions, and one directly powered by solar. 

Solar Clock 

There’s always that difficult person to shop for; the person who already seems to have everything. How about clock that doesn’t need batteries or electricity to run? Modern clocks can now also run off the sun, the wind, or even simple water. 

Clean Energy Itself 

Of course, the best green tech gift is the gift of renewable, clean energy itself. When you refer a friend to sign up for wind and solar power through CleanChoice Energy, both you and your friend get a $25 VISA gift card when they enroll. Here at CleanChoice Energy our mission is to make clean energy available to everyone. We supply customers with 100% pollution-free clean energy from wind and solar power. Learn how you can make the switch to clean energy today.

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