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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Top 7 "Climate Hero" Halloween Costumes

Autumn leaves and pumpkins

Increasing greenhouse gas emissions from dirty fossil fuel generators are contributing to warmer temperatures, and a host of scary consequences like monster wildfires to brutal hurricanes. 

How can you get involved and inspire others to act on climate in creative ways? Just in time for Halloween, we’ve got you covered with seven, super-powered “Climate Hero” costume ideas from folks who inspire us to save the world every day. 

Wind Turbine Engineer: Daredevils scaling sleek infrastructure for construction and maintenance, wind turbine engineers are truly modern American heroes. Wind turbine technicians are one of America’s fastest growing jobs in 2016 and 2017, and more of them are needed as wind farms on and off shores are being built. 

To see the world from the perspective of a wind technician, check out the Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys, a collective of wind turbine technicians who share gorgeous photos of American landscapes from up in the air. 

Solar Installer: The workers who build solar infrastructure to generate  power from the sun give us hope. Whether you appreciate more local jobs, energy independence, diversifying the energy mix, or healthier communities, solar installers are building a brighter and cleaner future for us all. 

According to a study by the US Department of Energy, in 2016 more Americans worked in solar energy than in gas, oil, and coal energy combined. With more homeowners going solar at the same time businesses are demanding solar options, tile by tile, cell by cell, panel by panel, installer teams across America are building our solar future. 

Firefighter: The epitome of courage in the face of danger, firefighters regularly risk their lives to help others in need. Not only do they respond to fire threats, but they’re also the first to respond to other critical emergencies like chemical spills, water rescues, and of course, animals stuck in trees. 

Warmer weather has set the stage for both natural and human made infernos to grow. Research published by Climate Central found that “rising temperatures accounted for nearly half of the increase in acres burned, as they helped to dry out forests and extend the length of the fire season.” When it comes to firefighters and climate change, they're certainly an inspiring action hero. 

Health Professional: Climate change is the greatest global health threat of this century. Carbon pollution is harming human health, from increasing local air pollutants like smog to heat incubating vector-borne diseases in insects. A new study published in the prestigious health journal The Lancet found that an estimated 9 million people worldwide died prematurely in 2016because of air pollution. From preventive medicine experts to emergency responders on the front lines of extreme weather disasters, health professionals continually inspire us to work towards a cleaner, healthier future. 

Prominent health professionals like Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha are needed more than ever. Dr. Hanna-Attisha found the dangerously-high lead levels in Flint, Michigan, and didn’t stop raising the alarm until the whole country paid attention. 

Climate Scientist: None of the effects of climate change would be as understood today were it not for many scientists. Thanks to their efforts, they’ve rigorously analyzed and built the conceptual foundation that helps us understand how humans are driving global warming. 

Prominent voices in the scientific community, like Dr. Michael Mann and Katherine Hayhoe, are constantly in the trenches, communicating the benefits of acting on climate to people of all backgrounds. 

Community Leader: State representatives, city government officials, media celebrities, and local faith and community leaders can all be a source of heroic inspiration for us to look towards and celebrate. To get a distinctive character look this Halloween, here’s short list of inspiring climate leaders 

Pope Francis, Former EPA Admin Gina McCarthy, Leonardo DiCaprio, activist Reverend Lennox Yearwood, Jr., former United Nations Climate Change Chief Christiana Figueres, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Vice President Al Gore, and Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. 

Concerned Citizen: People everywhere are excited about creating a green powered, prosperous future. They’re at the heart of the movement to create thriving, sustainable, clean-energy powered communities. In fact, maybe you consider yourself one of those people. What better way to inspire change than by being who you are every day—and for your Halloween costume? So, wear your favorite movement-tee-shirt and pin on some advocacy buttons for flair. Then have fun being you. 

Who knowswith whatever Climate Hero costume you choose, you might inspire conversations about the environmental and climate topics you care about most, and find that others care, too. 

Whether it’s Halloween or not, you can make a difference every day by choosing clean energy. CleanChoice Energy supplies customers with 100% renewable energy from wind and solar power to have the most positive impact on the environment. Learn how you can switch to clean energy today.

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