Disclosure Statement: Historical Pricing of Variable Rates in Eversource

This disclosure statement is intended to provide consumers in Massachusetts with information regarding the historic rates for variable priced plans offered by CleanChoice Energy in Eversource. Historical pricing is not indicative of present or future pricing. If you have questions about CleanChoice Energy’s variable rate plans in Eversource, please call our customer services center 1-888-444-9452.

Variable Rate Summary

Average Historical Rate44.99¢ per kWh
Historic Rate Period CoverageJuly 2022 - July 2024 (variable up to 24 months)
Variable Rate MethodologyCleanChoice Energy sets the variable rate prices based on energy market conditions.
Variable Rate CapsThere is no limit on how much the price may change from one billing cycle to the next.
SeasonalityCleanChoice Energy does not change variable rates according to the seasons. **

** Most consumers’ energy usage is higher in the summer and winter and lower in the spring and fall. Weather is the single largest factor of how much energy most people use.