Project Development

Leasing and Project Inquiries

Let your land work for you

CleanChoice Energy is leasing parcels of land greater than 25 acres for solar projects, creating predictable long-term income for our landowner partners. Our projects are quiet and have little impact on your property. Leasing your property for solar energy requires no management or operating expenses on your part and will allow you to maintain ownership of your land for future generations.

Landowner Benefits

  • Predicable income, not subject to weather and market volatility of many traditional uses 

  • Thoughtful project design and a low impact use for your property 

  • Land will remain in your family for future generations to enjoy   

  • Easy and convenient, you are not responsible for the development or operations of the solar project   

  • Solar can be complimentary to existing uses of your land

Wind turbines in a wind farm producing clean, renewable energy in Delaware