Business Wins When It Turns to Clean Energy

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  • Nov 10, 2017

Renewable energy is good for the health of the future, the planet, and people. It’s also good for the economy—that’s something that even many big businesses agree with. Organizations of all sizes and industries are choosing clean energy.

Business Benefits of Going Renewable 

Renewable energy is a good investment for companies in the short-term, and the long-term. When a company generates its own power supply, or sources its electricity from a renewable energy company, it decreases operating costs dramatically. As initial investment in clean energy starts to show its returns, that money can be invested back into the business in other ways. Sixty-three percent of Fortune 500 companies have set clean energy targets; 189 of those companies reported saving nearly $3.7 billion in savings last year as a result. A statement made by global nonprofit, Business for Social Responsibility explains, “During the past two years alone, more than 500 companies with $8 trillion in revenue, and more than 180 investors who manage assets of $20 trillion, have made 1,000 commitments to purchase renewable energy, reduce their emissions in line with the best available science, set carbon prices, and end deforestation.” 

Given that most Americans are concerned about global warming and want to support businesses that aren’t causing environmental harm to the planet, renewable energy is also good for a company’s image.   

Many businesses looking to the future know that, investing in clean energy ensures their own viability, and of the American economy. The triple bottom line of businesses being good for people, planet, and profit is not only achievable, but a differentiator in a business’ ongoing success. 

Clean Powered Companies Lead by Example 

Responding to customer and market demands, companies across all business lines are going 100% or partially renewable, like Kohl’s, Starbucks, and Walmart. Other companies, including Gap Inc., Levi Strauss & Co., CVS Health, Adobe, and Nestle have set climate-based targets for reduced carbon emissions

Technology companies are some of the most enthusiastic supporters of renewable energy. Google, Apple, Intel, and Microsoft all power 100 percent of their domestic operations with renewable energy; primarily wind and solar. Some companies not only power themselves; they actually produce more energy than they use, putting that electricity back out onto the grid for other users. Those companies include Capital One, The North Face, and Netflix. 

In the future, it looks like even more businesses that Americans buy from will be doing what’s right for their bottom line, and for the environment. Americans can show their support by buying the products and services that these corporate clean energy all-stars provide. And, by choosing CleanChoice Energy as your electricity supplier for your home or business. Learn how to switch to clean energy today.

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