Community Solar Myths, Busted

Community Solar farm from CleanChoice Energy
  • Jul 28, 2023

Curious about community solar? You’re not alone. It can be hard to remember what’s what with all the clean energy solutions out there. Let’s bust some of the most common myths about community solar memberships, so you can feel empowered to start saving with solar. 

Myth #1: The savings appear too good to be true.

FACT: The savings are real! Based on how much solar energy your share of the farm generates, you’ll receive solar credits on your utility bill. You’ll also receive a separate bill from CleanChoice Energy for your community solar subscription. Together, these bills will result in up to 10% total savings

Myth #2: I have to pay upfront fees to join a community solar farm.

FACT: Signing up is completely free! There are no enrollment fees: You simply sign up and once your enrollment is complete, you’ll start receiving solar credits on your utility bill. You pay as you go, saving 10% on your total electric costs.

Myth #3: My community solar membership will replace my current utility, putting my reliable service at risk.

FACT: Your utility company continues to provide power to your home, delivering the same reliable service you’ve always had. The only change is the solar credits that will appear on your bill each month.

Myth #4: Even though the sign up is fast (3 minutes), it takes forever to start receiving solar credits.

FACT: It usually takes about a month to get fully enrolled, and you can expect to see solar credits on your utility bill within one to two billing cycles. But rest assured that we will notify you each step of the way! 

Myth #5: I am a renter who lives in an apartment (or townhouse), so community solar isn’t available to me.

FACT: Homeowner or renter, house or apartment, community solar is available to qualified customers with a utility bill in their name. All you need to sign up is your utility account number.

Myth #6: The contract means that if I move or sell my house, I have no way out.

FACT: You can cancel anytime, and cancellation fees may apply. But don't worry, once we assign you to a solar farm, you have 7 days to cancel your enrollment without a fee. If you are moving, your community solar contract might be able to transfer with you to your new home—you can confirm with a customer service representative by contacting us at 800-581-0702 or!

Interested in joining a Community Solar farm?

CleanChoice Energy currently offers community solar in Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C. Access to solar farm space is exclusive, with membership limited to qualified residents. Sign up today: secure your spot, join your local solar farm, and help save both money and the planet!

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