Ditch dirty fossil fuels and add more clean energy to the grid

Solar panels
  • Mar 8, 2023

Farm-to-Table Clean Energy

At CleanChoice, we are in the business of creating something better than the dirty, polluting electricity status quo. 

We are crafting a cleaner, greener world. 

Our customers can rely on us to bring them the highest quality clean energy, designed to fit your busy lifestyle . . . and the satisfaction of doing something good for the world. 

Why do our customers buy from us? Well, unfortunately, ONLY 8% of the electricity sourced by U.S. utilities comes from wind and solar. Despite all the media hype, we simply don't have enough solar and wind farms right now.

This likely means your home electricity is currently contributing to fossil fuel pollution and climate change. Our customers are working with us to change that and you can too.

Your Clean Energy Option subscription allows you to support wind and solar farms, increasing demand for clean energy. More renewable energy farms get built, and utilities put more clean energy on the grid. Goodbye dirty, polluting electricity.

The Farms

As our customer base grows, we are expanding the solar and wind farms we work with. We both develop our own farms and partner with farms that meet our sustainability standards. Here are a few of the wind and solar farms from which we source renewable energy certificates:

Our Product Promise to You

100% GREEN

100% green. There’s a simple rule for us: if you burn it, it isn't clean.


Today, we are proud to have our own solar power generation business with the goal of pairing our customers’ clean energy demand with solar energy we have homegrown. Alongside our solar farms, we offer clean energy solutions to consumers across America. As our solar farms multiply, we can offer new ways to access clean energy.

CleanChoice believes solar farms should be designed with sustainability and biodiversity in mind. Not only should they provide clean, renewable energy, but they also should serve as an oasis for pollinators like bees, butterflies and birds. We are committed to creating high impact solar farms that help support the planet and its inhabitants.


Most climate solutions are hard. At CleanChoice, we’re dedicated to making clean energy easy. You can sign up online in just a few minutes. We do the hard work behind the scenes because you have better things to do. 

Become a Clean Energy Option member

If the solar panels aren’t on my roof, how does it work?

Clean Energy Option connects you to wind and solar farms through a digital subscription that matches your home electricity use with renewable energy certificates (RECs). 

The federal government, along with state regulatory and legislative authorities, recognizes renewable energy certificates (RECs) as the credible way to track renewable energy content in electricity products. Today The Federal Trade Commission provides guidance on how RECs are used and you can learn more on the EPA’s official website.

A renewable energy certificate (REC) is created when a wind or solar farm generates a megawatt-hour of electricity. RECs are used to track the production and use of clean energy on our electric grid.

RECs are tracked through regulated registries such as PJM-EIS and NYGATS, and include several data attributes including renewable fuel type, renewable facility location, the vintage (date) of both the project and the power generation, unique identification number, utility to which project is interconnected, eligibility for certification or renewable portfolio standard (RPS), and the emissions rate of the renewable resource.

Because individual electrons aren't clean or dirty, RECs are the nationally approved way for consumers to accurately and legally claim that they are using renewable energy.

Have I heard about RECs before?

You may have heard of big companies like Starbucks, Apple, and Google using RECs to track how they’re meeting their carbon-reduction goals. Thousands of companies, states, and cities big and small are using RECs to track their clean energy use. 

Now you can do the same. When you purchase electricity from your utility company, plus RECs with CleanChoice, you’ll be powering your home with clean energy - and helping add more clean energy to the grid.

Become a Clean Energy Option member