How We Bring You Clean Energy

Wind turbines in a field with a blue sky
  • Oct 13, 2020

At CleanChoice Energy, we envision a world free of catastrophic climate change with pure, clean air for all. Our mission is to switch as many American homes and businesses to clean, renewable energy as possible and make renewable energy accessible for everybody. 

But how exactly do we bring you clean energy? 

Right now, the power that comes to your home is likely from a mix of mostly non-renewable sources like coal and natural gas, which pollute our environment and contribute to climate change. Electricity generated from these polluting sources and clean sources such as wind and solar all goes to the same electrical grid. 

To keep track of the electricity generated by renewable power sources like solar and wind, the EPA created Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). RECs represent the environmental attributes of the power produced from renewable energy projects and can be sold separately from grid power. A REC is issued when one megawatt-hour of electricity is delivered to the grid from a renewable energy source, such as wind or solar. 

When you choose CleanChoice Energy as your energy supplier, we purchase renewable electricity on your behalf, in the form of grid power and RECs. With these RECs, all of the power you use is replenished on the grid with 100% clean, renewable energy, instead of polluting power sources. 

Our customers make an impact by supporting the development of newer, renewable energy farms in their region. We strive to supply 100% clean, renewable energy from newer wind and solar farms in the regions we serve, supporting the growth of the renewable energy industry. By switching, you’ll help increase the demand for clean energy in your area and pave the way for your community to become less reliant on polluting fossil fuels.

CleanChoice Energy isn't a utility company—we're an energy supplier. When you sign up, you won't notice any change in how your electricity works. You'll keep paying your current electric company as you do now. Your utility will still maintain your lines and provide reliable service. There's no break in your regular electricity service. No service calls, equipment, or installation are needed—you'll simply see a line on your utility bill that says your "Supplier" is CleanChoice Energy. 

When you become a CleanChoice Energy customer, you'll be supporting clean, renewable energy every time you pay your power bill. You can sit back and enjoy the fact that you're greatly reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact on our planet everyday, without a change to your daily routine, a long term commitment, or a home installation.

Switching to 100% renewable energy is one of the biggest impacts you can make on carbon air pollution. Since our founding in 2012, our customers have used 6,740,767,334 kWh of 100% clean, renewable energy. That’s equivalent to:¹

  • 78,989,159 trees planted; or

  • 5,285,387,333 lbs of coal not burned; or

  • 1,029,310 cars taken off the road!

Our 100% clean electricity plans are currently available for residents in Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. 

To learn more about the clean electricity plans available in your area, visit our website at You can also call 1-800-460-4900 to sign up or get a quote.

Choose 100% clean, renewable energy today and help us ensure a better environment for future generations!

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¹EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator