CleanChoice Energy and New Columbia Solar Launch Largest Community Solar Portfolio Ever for Washington D.C. Residents

  • Nov 29, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 27, 2018 — CleanChoice Energy, a renewable energy company that provides wind and solar energy products to customers across the country, and New Columbia Solar, one of the District’s largest solar energy companies, have launched a partnership to bring community solar to residents of the District of Columbia. CleanChoice Energy Community Solar will make 1.825 MW of proposed Community Solar capacity available to consumers. The overall portfolio represents the largest opening of community solar ever in Washington D.C. CleanChoice Energy Community Solar customers have the opportunity to save money on their utility bills with no upfront costs while supporting local solar projects. CleanChoice is accepting subscribers from anywhere in the District.

“Bringing Community Solar to the District is hugely important. For too long most Washington D.C. residents had no real way to go solar. Community Solar changes that. It means that anyone--including people that live in apartments, or rent, or can’t install their own solar for any reason can still choose solar,” said Tom Matzzie, CEO of CleanChoice Energy. “And it’s easy. People can sign-up online in just a few minutes and save money on their utility bills.”

The CleanChoice Energy Community Solar platform connects people to local Community Solar projects developed by New Columbia Solar, allowing residents and businesses to sign-up to support local solar in minutes and can see up to a 5% savings on their utility bills with no upfront investment, setup fees or installation.

“We are very excited to work with CleanChoice to further our mission in making solar access as easy as humanly possible for District residences and businesses. With community solar, we have the opportunity to reinvest in our city and provide local, renewable energy to our community. Each system that’s successfully installed translates into energy savings, capital improvements and new clean jobs in our city” said Michael Healy, CEO of New Columbia Solar.  

“Today’s launch of nearly 2 megawatts of community solar by CleanChoice Energy and New Columbia Solar shows Mayor Bowser’s dedication to providing the benefits of locally generated solar energy to 100,000 low-income residents,” said Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) Director Tommy Wells. “Community solar opens up the benefits of solar to all residents--including lower energy bills and cleaner air—while creating jobs and renewable energy investment in all eight wards of the District.”

“We must commit ourselves to doing all we can to encourage the local production of clean, renewable energy if we are to meet the District’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 100% by 2050. Solar energy is sustainable, can be locally produced, relieves stress on the electrical grid, and creates jobs – investing in solar is good for our environment and good for our economy. Most importantly, for wide-spread adoption of local solar to occur, it has to be easily accessible and low-cost. Local solar and renewable energy initiatives have helped the District become a leader in renewable energy and we could be at the tipping point that makes a true solar boom a reality,” said Councilmember Mary M. Cheh.  

Community Solar offers building owners the opportunity to receive rent for their rooftop space, while opening the benefits of solar to the hundreds of thousands of Washington D.C. residents that either do not own their own home or do not have a roof that works for solar. New Columbia Solar covers the capital expense for the solar equipment so building owners earn supplemental rent payments without any capital outlay and residents across the city have access to solar power: a win-win for all. CleanChoice Energy and New Columbia Solar are engaged with local nonprofits to offer access to the projects to low- and middle-income families. To sign up visit

About CleanChoice Energy

CleanChoice Energy is a renewable energy company empowering utility customers to cut emissions and support 100% clean energy. The company provides renewable electricity to customers by supporting regional wind and solar farms and selling that clean power to homes and businesses. CleanChoice Energy is certified with the highest available rating by Green America’s Green Business Network. For more information or to become a customer, visit

About New Columbia Solar

New Columbia Solar (NCS) is a full-service solar energy company, based in and serving the District of Columbia. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, NCS understands the nuances of developing, financing, and operating solar projects in Washington, D.C. NCS helps businesses, property owners, schools, non-profits, and homeowners significantly reduce energy costs and enhance sustainability through the implementation of solar power. NCS’s mission is to make it as easy as humanly possible for D.C. residents and businesses to benefit from solar energy.