How to Go Plastic-Free in 2021

Various foods in plastic-free containers over a purple backdrop.
  • Dec 17, 2020

Did you know that plastics not only pollute our oceans—they also contribute to climate change? This year, live plastic-free by reducing your plastic use with these tips:

1. Buy everyday products such as shampoo, laundry detergent, or peanut butter through Loop—a waste-free shopping service that brings you your favorite brands and products in reusable, returnable containers.

2. Ditch single-use plastic food bags and try reusable snack and sandwich bags. Many are dishwasher-safe and can even go in the freezer!

3. Use beeswax wrap, silicone stretch lids, or silicone food huggers to store your leftovers rather than plastic wrap.

4. Bring reusable shopping bags every time you go grocery shopping. Keep them in your car or by your front door to help you remember to bring them!

5. Bag your produce in reusable produce bags rather than the grocery store’s plastic produce bags. 

6. Buy produce that’s not packaged in plastic. Choose whole, unpackaged produce rather than pre-cut produce in plastic containers. 

7. Buy groceries packaged in glass or aluminum rather than plastic. Avoid plastic containers when buying products such as condiments, salad dressings, pasta sauce, applesauce, and peanut butter.

8. Don’t bag your recyclables! Putting your recyclables in a plastic garbage bag is not only a  waste of plastic—it also makes the entire batch unrecyclable! Check out more important recycling tips and info in our Recycling 101 guide.

9. Use reusable water bottles made of glass or stainless steel. Now is the time to ditch plastic water bottles for good (if you haven’t already). Try brand such as Swell or Klean Kanteen.

10. Use reusable coffee pods rather than single-use pods.

11. Bring a reusable coffee cup or lid with you when you get coffee to help make your cup of joe less wasteful. 

12. Green your bathroom routine with plastic-free razors, toothbrushes, deodorant, or even toothpaste tablets and shampoo tablets

13. Avoid single-use plastic items such as straws and utensils. Instead, try bringing your own reusable straw or utensils when you’re on the go!

14. Use Blueland waste-free cleaning products. Blueland offers reusable spray bottles and cleaning solution tablets that dissolve in water for simple, cost-effective, and waste-free cleaning!

15. Shop at waste-free stores. Try online stores such as Package Free Shop or Zero Waste Store, or find a zero-waste grocery store near you!

16. Challenge yourself to look for plastic as you go about your life. Whether you look in your bathroom, inside your fridge, or at the grocery store, you’ll notice plastic is way more prevalent than you ever realized—which means there are endless opportunities to cut back!

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