Renewable Energy for Atlantic City Electric Customers [2024 Guide]

  • Apr 1, 2024

New Jersey stands at the forefront of embracing renewable energy, with Atlantic City Electric customers primed to play a pivotal role in this transformation. As of 2023, New Jersey ranks prominently among US states with approximately 8% of its electricity derived from solar and other renewable sources, alongside a significant contribution from nuclear power and natural gas.

The state's Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) mandates that a specified portion of electricity must come from renewable sources, recently setting an ambitious goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030. Read to learn how New Jersey residents—and more specifically, Atlantic City Electric customers—can take advantage of New Jersey’s wealth of renewable energy opportunities.

Benefits of Adopting Renewable Energy in New Jersey

Adopting renewable energy in New Jersey brings a multitude of benefits, impacting both the environment and the economy. New Jersey's commitment aligns with global objectives of reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.

Economically, the shift to renewable energy promises significant job growth and innovation. For New Jersey, this means not only advancing towards a greener future but also fostering economic growth through new jobs in the renewable sector. Lower technology costs and supportive policies further stimulate this growth by making renewable energy an increasingly cost-effective and appealing option.

On an individual level, adopting renewable energy enhances quality of life through improved public health, stemming from reduced air and water pollution. Health issues linked to pollution from coal and natural gas plants, including respiratory problems, neurological damage, and heart attacks, can be mitigated by shifting to cleaner energy sources. Renewable energy technologies like wind and solar generate electricity with no associated air pollution emissions, further reducing environmental impacts.

Sun rising over a community solar farm in Maryland

Renewable Energy Options for Atlantic City Electric Customers

Solar Energy in New Jersey

Solar energy is a key component of New Jersey's renewable portfolio. The state's progress in this sector is significant, with an 8% contribution from solar and other renewables to its power grid as of 2022. New Jersey's focus on solar energy not only aids in achieving sustainability goals but also fosters economic growth and job creation in the solar sector. The state's policies are designed to encourage both residential and commercial solar installations, making solar power more accessible and financially viable for a broader range of consumers.

Wind Energy and Other Renewable Sources in New Jersey

In the realm of wind energy, New Jersey is making notable strides, particularly in offshore wind power. The state’s ambitious goal of 7,500 MW from offshore wind by 2035 is a testament to the state's dedication to this renewable source. This initiative is expected to create thousands of jobs and generate significant economic benefits, while also providing clean energy to over a million homes.

Overall, the state's Renewable Portfolio Standard and various initiatives, including the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act and Clean Energy Act, underscore its commitment to expanding clean energy use. These laws and policies are pivotal in driving the state towards its 2030 target of sourcing 50% of electricity from renewable sources.

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Making The Switch to Renewable Energy

Making the switch to renewable energy in New Jersey is not just a sustainable choice but also a practical one. With the state’s robust infrastructure and supportive policies, transitioning to green energy sources like solar and wind is increasingly accessible for Atlantic City Electric customers. So how can New Jersey residents most effectively make the switch? We’ve got one solution in mind.

Why Atlantic City Electric Customers Should Consider CleanChoice Energy

1. 100% Regional Wind and Solar Energy

CleanChoice Energy supplies regional wind and solar energy.

2. Support for Regional Renewable Projects

CleanChoice Energy actively supports and champions regional renewable projects, contributing to sustainable initiatives and renewable goals.

3. Uninterrupted Service

Atlantic City Electric customers can enjoy uninterrupted service with CleanChoice Energy, ensuring a reliable power supply.

4. No Initial Costs or Installations

Transitioning to CleanChoice Energy involves no initial costs or installations, making it an accessible option for customers.

5. Flexible Plans

CleanChoice Energy offers flexible plans that work with the diverse needs of customers, ensuring a personalized approach to renewable energy.

6. Easy and Hassle-Free Sign-Up

The sign-up process with CleanChoice Energy is straightforward and hassle-free, enabling customers to choose renewable energy.

Atlantic City Electric customers have a unique opportunity to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future by choosing CleanChoice Energy. With no upfront costs and a simple sign-up process, supporting renewable energy is now more accessible than ever. Get started with CleanChoice Energy today!

Choose clean energy in 2 minutes

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