Renewable Energy for ComEd Customers [2024 Guide]

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  • May 1, 2024

With an ambitious commitment to source 25% of its energy from renewables by 2025, Illinois is pioneering an eco-friendly path forward. With the surge in renewable initiatives in Illinois, Commonwealth Edison customers are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the opportunity to go green. But how? Let’s break down everything ComEd customers need to know.

Benefits of Adopting Renewable Energy in Illinois

Illinois' commitment to renewable energy promises to impact every corner of the state. Of course, one of the primary benefits of such a shift is the pronounced reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, aligning Illinois with global endeavors to combat the pressing issue of climate change. By progressively lessening the state's dependence on fossil fuels, Illinois paves the way for a future marked by cleaner air, reduced pollutants, and healthier water sources.

But the story doesn’t end with environmental gains. The transition to renewable energy in Illinois also plays a pivotal role in reshaping the state's economic landscape. Data from the Solar Energy Industries Association underscores this, indicating that over 5,500 solar jobs exist in Illinois as of now. This figure is only set to climb as the state broadens its renewable horizons. Furthermore, projections indicate that as of 2023, Illinois has invested upwards of $3.7 billion in solar endeavors alone. 

From offering employment to fueling investments in local educational and training ventures, renewable projects ensure that the state is not only prepared for a sustainable future but also ensures that its citizens are equipped with the skills and opportunities to thrive in it.

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Renewable Energy Options in Illinois

Solar Energy

Illinois, having carved a niche for itself in the solar landscape, offers substantial potential for harnessing solar energy. Despite its temperate climate, advances in solar technology now make it easier and more efficient for ComEd customers to adopt solar solutions. The state's supportive framework, exemplified by initiatives like the Illinois Shines Adjustable Block Program, not only aids in the initial setup of solar installations but also offers avenues for residents to be compensated for their solar energy contributions.

Wind Energy and Hydropower

Establishing itself as a formidable player in the wind energy sector, Illinois was ranked fifth in the nation for its wind energy capacity, contributing over 11% of the state's electricity. As the state continues its exploration and investment into wind energy, both onshore and offshore, ComEd customers have a golden opportunity to diversify their energy sources. Additionally, the state's significant river systems, including the expansive Illinois and Mississippi rivers, hint at the untapped potential of hydropower, presenting yet another renewable avenue for residents to explore.

Making the Renewable Switch as a ComEd Customer

For those contemplating a green transition, the choice is not merely about eco-consciousness but involves making informed, practical decisions. With Illinois' push to ramp up its renewable energy production, highlighted by the Future Energy Jobs Act, ComEd customers have more avenues than ever before. 

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​​Why ComEd Customers Should Opt for CleanChoice Energy

As Illinois accelerates its journey towards renewable energy milestones, ComEd customers are well-equipped to go green as well. Holding a Better Business Bureau A+ rating and a Gold Certified Business standing, CleanChoice Energy stands out for its dedication to sustainable energy solutions. Here are some reasons ComEd customers should consider signing up for 100% renewable energy with CleanChoice Energy:

1. No Change in Your Utility

One of the key aspects that ComEd customers appreciate is the ease of transition. When you sign up with CleanChoice Energy, you're selecting a new electricity supplier. However, ComEd will still take care of the electricity delivery, the power lines, and the consistent, reliable service. This means customers enjoy 100% renewable energy while maintaining the reliability of ComEd.

2. Fast, Seamless Sign Up

Eager to contribute to a greener Illinois? CleanChoice Energy has ensured that the sign-up process is as smooth as possible. By visiting the CleanChoice Energy website and entering a zip code, residents in the ComEd territory are mere minutes away from embarking on their renewable journey. The streamlined process is designed with modern consumers in mind.

3. No Home Installations or Upfront Costs

With CleanChoice Energy, you won’t have to install anything at your home or pay any upfront costs. Unlike rooftop solar, CleanChoice Energy makes choosing clean energy quick and easy.

4. Supporting Illinois' Renewable Vision

By choosing CleanChoice Energy, ComEd customers are not just fulfilling personal sustainability goals; they're actively supporting Illinois' broader renewable vision. Each subscription or switch increases demand for renewable sources, further bolstering the state's renewable infrastructure and job creation in the green sector.

Illinois' renewable energy ambitions are not just state-level objectives; they represent individual calls to action. Individuals in the ComEd territory have a role to play, and with options like CleanChoice Energy, making that sustainable switch has never been easier. Now, more than ever, is the time to embrace renewable energy and play a part in securing a sustainable future for Illinois and our planet.

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