Renewable Energy for RGE Customers [2024 Guide]

Wind turbines on a wind farm providing renewable energy in New York
  • May 1, 2024

As New York State forges ahead in its journey toward a sustainable future, Rochester Gas and Electric (RGE) customers find themselves at the heart of an exciting transition. The state’s aggressive energy policies, bolstered by historic federal investments, are rapidly transforming New York into a hub of renewable energy innovation and adoption. Let’s delve into how RGE customers in New York can navigate this changing landscape, embracing renewable energy sources and contributing to the state’s ambitious goals.

Benefits of Adopting Renewable Energy in New York

The shift to renewable energy in New York is a catalyst for environmental, economic and social benefits. By adopting renewable energy sources, RGE customers can play a significant role in addressing climate change. The transition to renewables helps reduce the state's carbon footprint, contributing to global climate change mitigation efforts.

The economic impact of this transition is substantial. The closure of natural gas-fired plants, particularly in densely populated areas, leads to a significant decrease in air pollutants like nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide, improving public health. Moreover, legislation such as the Build Public Renewables Act (BPRA) generates union jobs, offering employment opportunities and fostering an equitable economy. The Clean Energy Standard (CES) focuses on achieving 70% renewable electricity by 2030, attracting investments, and creating jobs.

Sun rising over a community solar farm in Maryland

Renewable Energy Options for RGE Customers

Solar Energy in New York

RGE customers have access to a thriving solar energy sector in New York, a state consistently placed in the top 10 U.S. solar markets. This recognition is a testament to the state's commitment to solar energy, underpinned by supportive policies and incentives like feed-in tariffs and net metering. Recent achievements include record-breaking solar output and the installation of over 3,330 MW of solar power, aligning with the state's Climate Act goals and marking significant progress toward a future powered by clean energy.

Wind Energy and Other Renewable Sources

Wind energy, both onshore and offshore, is a cornerstone of New York's renewable energy strategy. The state has identified regions in Western and Central New York ideal for land-based wind projects, which offer multiple benefits including local job creation and community funding. Offshore wind initiatives along the coasts of Long Island and New York City are poised to tap into the estimated 40,000 MW potential, capable of powering over 11 million homes. 

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A father and daughter looking over wind turbines in a wind farm producing renewable energy

Making The Switch to Renewable Energy in New York

More than $29 billion has been invested in public and private sectors to drive renewable energy projects in New York. This investment includes diverse initiatives like solar, onshore/offshore wind, and hydro projects, and funding for upgrading transmission infrastructure. As RGE customers, you can be part of this transformative journey. But how can you most effectively make the switch? We’ve got you covered.

Why RGE Customers Should Consider CleanChoice Energy

RGE customers in New York have a golden opportunity to actively support the renewable energy shift by doing so with CleanChoice Energy. Going green with CleanChoice not only aligns with New York's ambitious environmental goals but also brings tangible benefits to RGE customers committed to fostering a sustainable future. Here’s how!

1. Commitment to 100% Regional Renewable Energy

CleanChoice Energy supplies regional renewable energy, perfectly aligning with New York's ambitious renewable energy objectives. 

2. Support for Regional Renewable Projects

By choosing CleanChoice Energy, customers actively support and champion regional renewable energy projects. This approach demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainable initiatives, directly benefiting the environment and economy.

3. Seamless, Uninterrupted Service

Transitioning to CleanChoice Energy doesn’t disrupt the reliable service provided by RGE. The company ensures a reliable power supply, meaning customers experience no disruption in their electricity service.

4. Zero Upfront Costs and Hassle-Free Installation

Transitioning to CleanChoice Energy involves no initial investment or complex installation processes. This feature makes the switch to renewable energy accessible and straightforward for all customers, regardless of their current setup.

5. Flexible Plans Catering to Customer Needs

CleanChoice Energy offers a range of flexible plans, catering to the diverse energy needs and preferences of RGE customers. This flexibility ensures that customers can find a plan that best suits their individual or household energy requirements.

6. Simple and Quick Sign-Up Process

The process of switching to renewable energy with CleanChoice Energy is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Customers can easily sign up for renewable energy with minimal effort, paving the way for a more sustainable lifestyle.

As New York State advances toward its renewable energy targets, RGE customers have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this green revolution. By opting for renewable energy options and considering providers like CleanChoice Energy, customers can actively participate in New York’s journey towards a sustainable, cleaner energy future. Get started with CleanChoice today!

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