Renewable Energy for West Penn Power Customers [2024 Guide]

  • May 1, 2024

Pennsylvania has pledged to integrate sustainability into its energy policy, with ambitious targets aimed at transforming the state into a leader in renewable energy. The state's efforts are well-evidenced by Pennsylvania's Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS) Act, which mandates that a certain percentage of electricity must be generated from alternative and renewable energy sources. Additionally, Pennsylvania's Tier I solar photovoltaic capacity has been increasing year by year, indicating a growing interest in solar energy.

With these initiatives in place, customers in West Penn Power territory are uniquely positioned to take advantage of a burgeoning sector that promises economic, environmental, and social benefits. The opportunities are rich for those who opt to engage with renewable energy sources, from solar to wind to hydropower, each offering a gateway to a cleaner and greener future.

Benefits of Adopting Renewable Energy in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state with a storied industrial past, now looking to reduce its environmental footprint. By transitioning from fossil fuels to more sustainable options, West Penn customers can play a direct role in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, a critical step towards mitigating global warming and fostering a stable climate. Beyond the global impact, renewable energy presents a local boon—the promise of improved air and water quality.

The renewable sector is also a burgeoning engine for job creation and economic growth. Investments in clean energy are bringing new careers to the forefront, providing Pennsylvanians with opportunities in a future-focused sector.

Sun rising over a community solar farm in Maryland

Renewable Energy Options in Pennsylvania

Solar Energy in Pennsylvania

Despite the region's varied climate, Pennsylvania sees enough sunlight to make solar energy a viable option for many homeowners and businesses. Pennsylvania has embraced a forward-looking stance on solar energy with various state-specific initiatives designed to bolster its adoption. These include incentive programs like the Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Program, which offers rebates and incentives to reduce the initial costs of solar installation. These initiatives not only encourage the adoption of solar panels but also aim to develop a sustainable local solar industry.

Wind Energy and Hydropower in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania's wind energy sector has witnessed considerable growth, with numerous wind farms already operational and more in development. The state's wind energy capacity continues to climb, and this clean source now plays a significant role in the rise of renewable energy in Pennsylvania. With its numerous rivers and streams, Pennsylvania also has a rich potential for hydropower. The state already has several hydropower plants in operation, and there are opportunities to expand. 

Making the Renewable Switch as a West Penn Power Customer

West Penn Power customers have a robust array of choices when it comes to renewable energy. Whether it's installing solar panels, supporting wind energy, or utilizing hydropower, every step towards renewable sources not only contributes to a more sustainable Pennsylvania but also supports a healthier planet. With comprehensive legislative support and a range of practical steps available, making the switch to green energy is increasingly accessible for all West Penn Power customers.

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Why West Penn Power Customers Should Opt for CleanChoice Energy

Making the switch to renewable energy is a significant decision, and with CleanChoice Energy, the transition for customers in West Penn Power territory can be seamless. When you choose CleanChoice, you’re opting for a supplier that provides 100% renewable energy while your utility operations, maintenance, and service continue uninterrupted with West Penn Power. This means no disruptions, just a smooth continuation of service — only greener.

1. Simple Sign-Up Process

CleanChoice Energy has refined its sign-up process to be as easy as possible for all, including West Penn Power customers. By visiting their website, you can quickly navigate through the sign-up process by simply entering your zip code and some basic information. There's no need to worry about extensive paperwork or long wait times; the process is designed for efficiency and ease, enabling you to begin contributing to a sustainable future without any hassle.

2. No Installation or Upfront Costs

One of the most significant advantages of choosing CleanChoice Energy is the elimination of any installation or upfront costs. Unlike solar panel setups, there's no need for any equipment or alterations to your home. You can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy without the financial burden of installations or the stress of overseeing construction.

3. Boosting Pennsylvania's Renewable Goals

By choosing CleanChoice Energy, you're not just making a personal choice for sustainability; you're also contributing to Pennsylvania's broader renewable energy goals. Your choice helps to build a stronger market demand for clean energy, which in turn supports the region’s infrastructure and job market in the renewable sector. Each individual decision adds up, creating a collective impact that drives Pennsylvania and the overall region closer to its renewable targets.

As we look towards the future, it's clear that renewable energy is not just a choice but a necessity for a sustainable Pennsylvania. Customers in West Penn Power territory have the unique opportunity to lead the charge in this transition by choosing CleanChoice Energy. Opting for CleanChoice means embracing a future where energy is clean, green, and sustainable without sacrificing convenience or reliability. Learn more about how you can choose clean energy today!

Choose clean energy in 2 minutes

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