Save With Every Sunrise: How Community Solar Helps You Save For What Matters

A family of 4 in a field with a sunrise. Community Solar helps them save money for what matters
  • May 16, 2023

Save with every sunrise—so you can focus on what really matters

Community Solar is a growing way that homeowners and renters alike can receive the financial benefits of solar energy—without the hassle of upfront costs or installing your own solar panels.

With a Community Solar membership, you can save money—and the world—every time the sun rises. Take up to 10% savings on your electric bill and put those dollars towards ice cream for your kids, those new shoes you’ve been eyeing, or a rainy day fund. All with the peace of mind  that you’re doing something good for the planet by supporting renewable energy development in your community.

A Community Solar membership is an investment in the future: Not only will you support the transition to clean energy, creating a healthier world for future generations, but you’ll also receive savings on energy costs that could add up to thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your solar farm.

See how the savings can add up after one year and five years of a Community Solar membership in Minnesota:

Year 1: Average savings of $77.71

With the savings you receive in just the first year of your Community Solar membership, you’ll have enough for:

  • 15 trips to your favorite coffee shop

  • 18 dozen eggs 

  • 4 new children’s swimsuits

  • A new children's winter coat

  • 2-3 new backpacks for school-aged children

  • Up to 3 college application fees for a high school student

  • A movie night for a family of 4, complete with tickets, popcorn, and candy 

  • A 4-player pickleball set 

  • A new Nintendo Switch game

  • Two 30oz Stanley Tumblers

  • Two 21oz Hydro Flask water bottles

  • Five pints of Jeni’s Ice Cream shipped directly to you

  • A beautiful live plant delivered to your door from The Sill

  • An Amazon Smart Thermostat to make your home more energy efficient

  • One National Parks Pass

  • A $75 gift card to anywhere—treat yourself to your favorite restaurant or store, or get a loved one a great gift!

Year 5: Average savings of $270.00

After 5 years of your Community Solar membership, your savings can add up to enough to treat yourself to:

  • A new ice hockey stick

  • One YETI hard cooler

  • One 2-person inflatable kayak

  • One pair of AirPods Pro

  • A 2-night stay at Larsmont Cottages 

  • 2 one-hour water ski lessons at Madden's Resort 

  • One 1.5-hour wakeboarding lesson at Madden's Resort 

  • A brand-new towable tube for the lake

  • A week of groceries for a family of 4

  • A trip to the ballpark for the whole family, complete with tickets, hot dogs, and ice cream!

  • A significant gift to a child’s 529 college savings account

  • A $250 gift card to anywhere—treat yourself or your loved ones to something special (and still have a little leftover!)

How saving money with Community Solar works

When you sign up for Community Solar, you join a solar farm in your area producing 100% clean solar power. You’ll get two bills: one from your utility company for energy supply minus solar credits applied, and one from CleanChoice Energy for the cost of the solar credits at a discounted rate. Between the two bills, you'll see up to 10% savings:

Graphic explaining how billing and savings works with Community Solar with CleanChoice Energy

Interested in signing up for Community Solar?

CleanChoice Energy currently offers Community Solar in Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C. Access to solar farm space is exclusive, with membership limited to qualified residents. Sign up today: secure your spot, join your local solar farm, and help save both money and the planet!

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