Small Business Benefits of Going Green

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  • Jun 7, 2018

Big businesses often have built-in reserves or resources to manage the ups and downs of doing business. Small businesses may not have that luxury and have to be smart, creative, and flexible to adapt to constantly changing environments, to take fast advantage of market trends, and to keep their operations as efficient as possible. 

Speaking of operations, energy is a major operations expense for small businesses. This includes heating and cooling, operating vehicles, and operating equipment. Fortunately, small businesses are perfectly situated to take advantage of some of the newest innovations in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainable business practices that consumers are now expecting. 

Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Are Keys to Business Success 

Small businesses can save energy and be more cost effective by reducing waste with supplies and other resources, by choosing efficient equipment, and considering how to recycle and reuse. Operating a business sustainably means looking at all aspects of how a business is run. Switching to clean energy, and using energy as efficiently as possible, is also good for the environment and the community where the business is located. 

Implementing energy efficiency initiatives and clean energy alternatives isn’t just good for the bottom line. Increasingly taking such measures and communicating them to customers improves a company’s marketability and reputation. 

The majority of Americans support using less energy and being smarter about the energy that is used. A company that participates in environmentally friendly and sustainable operating practices, supply chains, and products reflects that the company is in sync with current consumer concerns and priorities. Today, consumers expect companies to be aware of the impact that businesses are making on the environment, and will spend their money on brands that practice what they preach. Here’s some research that backs that up, from the Houston Chronicle’s small business site:

"In 2013, Nielsen surveyed 30,000 consumers and 42 percent of those consumers in North America agreed they would pay more for products from sustainable sources. This is a 7 percent increase from a similar Neilsen survey two years before."

Going Green Can Be Accomplished in Small Steps 

Switching to a sustainable business may sound daunting, but starting can be as easy as changing to efficient LED light bulbs or switching to clean energy for your electricity. Our blog, “Top 10 Energy Efficiency Tips for Small Businesses,” provides a checklist of achievable steps that small businesses can take to go more green. 

There are a wide variety of resources available to help small businesses go green. It’s a matter of deciding which strategies and tactics work for your business’ needs, timeline, resources, and in some cases budget. Fortunately, many ideas don’t cost anything at all, or have minimal cost, and are more about changing old habits for new ones

If you own or operate a business, CleanChoice Energy may be a good option if you’re thinking about adopting renewable energy for your business’ energy needs. As a green electricity supplier, we supply 100% pollution-free renewable energy sourced from wind and solar power. Learn how to switch your business today!

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