Top 10 Reasons to Choose Community Solar

solar farm and solar panels
  • Aug 11, 2022

Looking for ways you can take action to fight climate change and help protect our planet? Community Solaris a neighborhood-friendly way you can enjoy the benefits of going solar—without having to install solar panels. With Community Solar, clean energy is more accessible than ever—allowing many communities to support clean power right in their local area. Here are 10 of the top reasons you should sign up for Community Solar today:

1. You can save money

One of the best things about Community Solar is that it can help save you money on your electric bill. Community Solar customers purchase a subscription to the solar farm and receive credits on their utility bill each month based on the solar power produced on the farm. Since the bill credits are generally worth more than you pay for them, you can expect to save on electricity costs over the course of the year. Over the life of your agreement, these savings could really add up!

2. You can join even if you rent

You don’t need to own your home to join your local Community Solar farm. Renters can also participate and access local solar energy!

3. There are no upfront costs

Unlike rooftop solar, there are no upfront payments—making it easier for consumers to participate and receive the benefits of solar power. There also aren't any maintenance or other fees. You simply pay your subscription price as you go, and you can start saving as soon as the farm is operational and you start receiving solar bill credits.

4. There are no installation or maintenance hassles

Community Solar can give you some of the same financial benefits of rooftop solar, without worrying about the hassles of rooftop construction and maintenance. No solar panels on your roof means no home visits, new equipment, construction, or maintenance.

5. Your roof doesn’t have to be perfect

Community Solar doesn’t have the same physical limitations as rooftop solar. Even if your roof is too shaded, faces the wrong direction, or can’t support solar panels, you can still access solar power. 

6. You can still access solar power even if you move

If you move during the course of your Community Solar agreement, you can often transfer your subscription to your new home. With Community Solar, you can enjoy some of the benefits of rooftop solar, without the fear of losing out on the solar panels that took so much time and money to install if you eventually move.

7. You can support local renewable energy

With Community Solar, you’ll not only be supporting the development of a renewable energy source, but also local business and local jobs in your community!

8. You’ll help end our reliance on fossil fuels

The electricity generated by your Community Solar farm goes onto your regional power grid, which helps shift the energy mix to cleaner sources and helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Fewer fossil fuels mean cleaner air and less pollution for you and your neighbors.

9. It’s easy

With Community Solar, there is no change to your electricity service, and you'll use electricity as you do now. You will not have a service interruption or notice anything different in the power you receive at your home. Your utility will still provide your power and deliver service, and you’ll continue to pay your monthly bill from your electric utility exactly as you do now. The only difference is that the energy generated on your behalf at your Community Solar farm (which goes on to your local electric grid) will be 100% clean solar energy.

10. You can make a positive impact on our planet

Choosing clean solar energy is an easy and impactful way you can help protect our planet. In 2021, our Community Solar subscribers generated 113,461,541 kWh of clean, solar energy. That has the same environmental impact as:

  • 1,329,557 trees planted; or

  • 88,964,381 pounds of coal not burned; or

  • 17,325 cars taken off the road!

At CleanChoice Energy, our goal is to reduce the impact of global climate change so we can all live cleaner, healthier lives. With Community Solar, you can help create a better environment for future generations. Find your local Community Solar farm and sign up today to save money and the planet!

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