Wallet Full of Sunshine: How You Save Money (& the World) with Community Solar

Sun rising over solar panels in a community solar farm
  • Jan 26, 2023

We could all use a little change—especially when it adds up to save on your electric bill AND help save the Planet. Now with Community Solar, more people than ever before can access easy solar savings. 

You can save money on energy costs as a Community Solar member and it’s free to sign up

Community Solar is a clean energy solution for qualified residents who want to save money and support local solar. Whether you’re a homeowner who couldn’t install rooftop panels due to cost or tree-shading or you live in an apartment. As long as you pay your own utility bill, you could qualify to join with no upfront cost and get solar credits to save on your utility bill.

How community solar saves money— filling your wallet full of sunshine

Typical subscribers can save up to 10% off their annual electricity costs by participating in community solar. Depending on where you live, your solar farm’s production, and how much electricity you use, total dollar savings will vary. So let’s break that down. With 10% solar savings, that would mean for every $100 of solar credits on your utility bill, you could save $10 every month. Find solar farms in your area for more specific savings details.

How much money community solar members save in a year

By this time next year, you could have saved $45.00 - $170.00 as a typical CleanChoice Energy community solar member, all while helping transition your region to a greener grid. Savings come in the form of solar credits, which are calculated by the amount of energy your solar farm produces. Over time, the difference between your generated solar credits and your electric bill will typically result in savings.

Savings could be thousands of dollars over the life of your membership

Here is an example of how Community Solar translates into money in your pocket over the length of your membership, depending on your state and electric utility:

1-year savings = $40 - $170

5-year savings = $240 - $975

10-year savings = $520 - $2,250

15-year savings = $860 - $3,940

Savings will vary across states and utilities. But across the longest term of membership (20 years), customers could see savings from $1,240 - $6,150. Now that’s a wallet-full of sunshine!

With Community Solar, not only will you join your neighbors saving with solar, but you’ll also be helping support the transition to clean energy creating a healthier world. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and claim your membership. But there’s limited availability on active solar farms and savings only starts when you’re subscribed to a project. So sign up today to be the next in line for a solar project, and we’ll let you know when it’s your time to shine.

Become a Community Solar member today and make a difference for your wallet and the world

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Disclaimer: Estimate only – actual savings may vary based on service area. Solar savings estimates are based on (1) estimated customer monthly bill and (2) estimated solar credit value based on an average of the applicable utility charges, escalated based on the increase in rates over the last 15 years. Future utility price changes and actual solar farm production could be more or less than estimated. Customer usage and utility prices vary over time. Savings can vary month to month and solar credits may not be immediately available. Savings can vary if subscribed with an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier.