Why Our Customers Love CleanChoice Community Solar

solar farm and solar panels
  • Mar 21, 2022

When it comes to your home electricity, many consumers now have a way to support clean energy over dirty fossil fuels. With Community Solar, renewable energy is more accessible than ever—allowing many communities to enjoy clean power.

Community Solar is an exciting new way to support renewable energy that nearly anyone can take advantage of. Community Solar with CleanChoice Energy offers consumers a way to support the production of 100% clean solar power and reduce pollution—without having to install rooftop solar panels. 

What Is Community Solar?

With Community Solar, a group of households support a centralized solar farm near where they live, instead of individually paying to place solar panels on their own roofs. Each subscriber receives solar credits on their utility bill for the energy that’s produced on the solar farm. Over time, the difference between your generated solar credits and your electric bill will usually result in savings! Learn more about how Community Solar works in this blog post.

Community Solar offers some of the same financial benefits of rooftop solar, without worrying about the hassles of rooftop installation and maintenance. There is no home improvement project required to join a community solar farm, nothing gets installed on your roof, and it doesn't matter whether you own or rent.

Community Solar is also a great way to help make a positive impact on the environment. Subscribers help keep pollution out of the watershed by adding clean energy to the grid—reducing our dependence on dirty fossil fuels.

As of March 2022, CleanChoice Energy currently offers Community Solar in Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, and Washington, DC, and we’ll be expanding Community Solar coverage in the future.

Why Our Customers Love Community Solar

Between the environmental benefits, the financial savings, and the ease of use, there’s a lot to love about Community Solar! Here are just a few recent comments from some of our customers:

I cannot tell you how pleased I am to be a customer of your company. I am very proud that we get most of the electricity to run our house via solar energy. I would definitely recommend your company (and I have) because the transition to solar in this way has been very easy and seamless. 10 out of 10. Thank you. –Jennifer

Extremely easy to work with and to set up and I love being able to use solar to produce energy while also getting credits to save money! –Lauren

Pleasantly surprised after a year of supporting clean energy and saving money. –Jeff

Happy to be a part of this. So glad our energy needs are being addressed in such an environmentally good way. –John

I live in a townhouse so restricted about solar panels. I am glad you have given me the opportunity to buy into solar energy. –Maureen

I am very satisfied with the entire process to this point. I've recommended solar farms to anyone interested. –Elizabeth

We all need to do our part to save the planet by eliminating fossil fuels. Solar and wind should lead the way! –Merrill

Solar is absolutely the way to go…I signed up with you when I bought this house, about 8 years ago, and have not had one bit of regret. –Penny

Like saving money and the environment. –Nils

I'm glad I have this opportunity to participate in the effort for clean and sustainable sources of energy. –Eliniore

Saving us money! –Paul

I am very happy to be participating in your program!!! –Patricia

You keep me informed on what CleanChoice Energy is doing for the area I live in. I appreciate that. –Laura

Great, easy and low maintenance. –Paul

Keep up the good job. –Chris

Interested in Signing Up for Community Solar?

Community Solar is an easy way you can save money and help bring clean energy to your community. Together, we have the power to transition the electric grid to renewable energy and create a greener grid for all. You can help lead the way to a solar-powered, clean-energy future—all while saving money on energy costs. Find your local solar farm and sign up for Community Solar today!

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