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With CleanChoice Energy, you can upgrade your home to 100% clean energy. You can see the impact you're making every day.



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You can make a positive impact on the planet—every time you flip on your light switch.

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    You can easily sign up in just 2 minutes, and we never charge enrollment or cancellation fees.

    Alternative to rooftop solar

    No service calls, equipment, or installation are needed to enjoy the benefits of 100% renewable energy for your home.

    One year of clean electricity

    is equivalent to avoiding nearly 5,000 pounds of carbon being burned, or sequestering the same amount of carbon as about 5 acres of forest.2

Clean Energy Impact Statements

CleanChoice Energy makes it easy for you to see the impact you're making everyday by switching to clean electricity. With our advanced Clean Energy Impact Statements, you see more than just your monthly usage, you see the true environmental benefits your choice has.

Clean energy impact statement from CleanChoice Energy

You have the power to choose the cleaner option

Right now, the electricity that comes to your home likely includes dirty fossil fuels, which pollute our environment. But by choosing 100% wind and solar energy, you can help improve the air we breathe and the world we share.

Typical Energy Mix1
4% Clean
Natural Gas
41 %
33 %
16 %
4 %
4 %
2 %
CleanChoice Energy
100% Clean
100 %
0 %
Natural Gas
0 %
0 %
0 %
0 %

See what others have to say about CleanChoice Energy

Extremely happy with the service! They made it super easy to switch. I also love the regular "Impact Reports" that tell me how much clean energy I've added to the grid and the positive environmental impact this energy has had. There's also neat information in each one about local clean energy farms. It's all very thoughtful and hopeful and absolutely worth the very slight increase of my energy bill.


Seamless, painless change to clean energy! Everyone will feel good doing this

Marie C.

Elizabeth alt

I am very satisfied with the entire process to this point. I've recommended solar farms to anyone interested.


We like getting reports that show how much of a difference our household has made by using CleanChoice Energy.


Excellent customer service! So relieved to know that my electricity use is offset by clean renewable energy production. Thanks.


Thank you for providing this environmentally friendly power option and with minimal effort on the part of the consumer!


It's a seamless and easy way to contribute to a clean energy future. Love it.


1 Typical default utility energy mix for customers in states eligible for CleanChoice Energy clean electricity service. Aggregate default utility for: DE, IL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, Washington DC. Not all customers in these areas are eligible. Source: CleanChoice Energy has high standards for defining "clean" energy. While nuclear and hydro do not emit greenhouse gasses, generation from these sources have other negative environmental consequences.

2 Based on EPA greenhouse gas equivalencies.