Ethical Electric is Now CleanChoice Energy

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  • Oct 31, 2016

Ethical Electric is happy to announce that it has changed its name to CleanChoice Energy. As CleanChoice Energy, the company will continue to pursue its mission of transforming the U.S. electricity grid by switching as many homes and businesses as possible to renewable sources. In pursuit of this mission, CleanChoice Energy strives to make clean energy accessible to all.

Customers will experience no change in service and will continue to enjoy 100% wind and solar power from the company. CleanChoice Energy’s wind and solar power will continue to be sourced from newer, regional farms to support customers in making the most positive impact on the environment.

The company chose to rebrand to CleanChoice Energy because the name better represents the expanded renewable energy offerings the company will launch in the coming months. Expanded renewable energy offerings will help CleanChoice Energy to empower even more homes and businesses to choose renewable energy.

“Our mission is still empowering as many American homes and businesses as possible to make the switch to renewable energy,” said Tom Matzzie, Founder and CEO of CleanChoice Energy. “As we continue to evolve and add more products, the name CleanChoice Energy will better reflect our mission to make clean energy choices available to everyone – regardless of where they live or if they can own their own renewable energy.”

In addition to continuing to offer consumers 100 percent clean electricity through its retail product, CleanChoice Energy will soon offer community solar, which will allow participants to enjoy the advantages of solar power without actually having the panels installed on their roof.

By providing Americans access to clean energy sources, the company has already kept over 1.84 billion pounds of carbon pollution out of the air. As CleanChoice Energy, the company will continue to grow this impact through powering as many homes and businesses as possible with clean energy sources. Check back regularly for updates on CleanChoice Energy and the positive impacts our customers are having on the environment.

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