Why Our Customers Love Clean Energy: Reviews from CleanChoice Energy Customers

  • Apr 4, 2023

CleanChoice Energy is proud to have hundreds of thousands of customers making a positive impact on our planet every day. For over ten years, we've made it our mission to make clean energy easier to access for everyone, everywhere. And the reviews are in: CleanChoice Energy customers are happy with their decision to choose 100% clean, pollution-free energy! 

Here are some of the top reasons our customers love clean energy:

1. CleanChoice customers love how quick and easy it is to sign up

"Signing up was easy and I'm glad to do what I can to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels." –Mara

"Seamless, painless change to clean energy! Everyone will feel good doing this." –Marie

"It was very easy to sign up and I get to do good on a monthly basis. When I say it was easy to sign up, I am referring to how I did not need to switch providers. I simply registered and Clean Choice Energy did the rest." –Jennifer

"The switch was pretty effortless and it feels good knowing I'm supporting a greener future." –Josh

"It feels really good having my energy sourced from wind and solar instead of fossil fuels. CleanChoice Energy makes it simple to make the switch!" –Jan

"This is the best choice you can make! It’s so easy to switch!...And of course the best part is it saves our earth and climate. Highly recommend!" –Marilyn

2. CleanChoice customers love how effortless it is to make a difference

"So simple, easy and affordable. Probably one of the easiest ways to make a difference." –Mark

"We're able to do something good for the planet with no change to our lives. Our electricity is exactly the same, except now it's clean." –David

"Super easy to set up and this type of service is by far the most impactful thing that each household can do to fight climate change and further sustainable energy generation. Just do it!" –James

"CleanChoice Energy made the process to move to clean energy sources for my electric supplier easy and almost effortless on my part. Each of the representatives that I spoke with were kind and professional. I would definitely (and already do) recommend this company to my family and friends. Plus it's nice to know that I'm part of the effort to save our planet!" –Bethanne

"Renewable energy produced by wind and the sun for cleaner energy for our homes is the way I want to go for my family. We should do our part to help reduce air pollution. This is one easy way, choose CleanChoice Energy for your home and help our planet." –Patricia

"Thank you for providing this environmentally friendly power option and with minimal effort on the part of the consumer!" –Lauren

3. CleanChoice customers love seeing the positive impact they make each month

"We like getting reports that show [how] much of a difference our household has made by using CCE." –Elise

"I love that all my energy comes from solar and wind power, and I enjoy the monthly emails that show me how much renewable energy I have used." –Cynthia

"Love the follow up report on environmental impact. Brilliant idea." –Richard

"Appreciate monthly usage reports and information on how much of an impact I am making on the environment. Thank you." –Sharon

"Thank you for sending me a positive message every month showing my choice makes a difference!" –Lori

"Keeping us informed serves as a constant reminder that by making this energy source our choice we are doing something good for the earth." –David

"Monthly summaries are great. Knowing the benefits of switching is very encouraging." –William

"I like being able to do something positive for the environment and the planet. I also like the monthly updates about how using clean energy contributes to sustainable development." –Stephanie

CleanChoice Energy customer viewing their environmental impact statement

4. CleanChoice customers love knowing they’re creating a better world for future generations

"Everyone should sign up to do your part! Show you care enough to save the planet. If we don't do it, who will?" –Ellen

"ANYTHING that furthers use of renewable energy and promotes cessation of fossil fuels is a must for our children's future. Switching to CleanChoice Energy was simple and seamless. I cannot recommend it enough if you care about the planet our children will inherit." –Bob

"I feel good that I am contributing to clean energy & the environment for today & future for my grandchildren!" –Susan

"We must all switch to 100% renewable to save the planet for our children and grandchildren." –Gikas

"I have been extremely satisfied with the service. Our planet's health is invaluable, and knowing that I can contribute to walking the walk of reducing carbon emissions with clean energy where I live is empowering. Completely worth it, and everyone should be participating." –Alice

"I feel good to do what I can for a better planet. Renewables are vital for all of us. The future of earth depends on it." –Rebecca

"This has been a seamless transition to clean energy. Let's do this for future generations." –Marge

"Thank you for working to save our beautiful planet Earth!" –Kathryn

"It is the very LEAST we can do for the planet!" –Tim

CleanChoice Energy customer testimonial: "I'm happy to be doing my part to preserve the environment"

Choosing 100% clean, renewable energy from wind and solar sources for your home is one of the easiest and most impactful ways you can make a positive impact on the environment. Signing up takes just 2 minutes! Learn more about how you can sign up with CleanChoice Energy today and help create a better environment for future generations.

*All CleanChoice Energy reviews above were submitted by customers through Google, Facebook, BBB, and surveys via email and phone

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