21 Green Brands to Support This Summer

A sustainable shopper shopping in a zero waste store.
  • Jun 23, 2023

One of the most powerful ways you can “go green” is by spending green—by choosing brands that care about our planet and do their part to help protect it. This summer, do your part by supporting these sustainably minded brands:

1. 4ocean sells bracelets made from recycled materials and removes one pound of ocean trash for every product sold. So far, 4ocean has removed more than 29 million pounds of trash from oceans and coastlines around the world! Check out 4ocean this summer for your beach gear, apparel, and drinkware.

2. Allbirds is known for making “the world’s most comfortable shoes.” But their shoes are also environmentally friendly, as they’re made from sustainable materials such as sugarcane, wool, tree fiber, and even plastic from recycled bottles. Allbirds is working to completely eliminate the carbon footprint of their shoes and lists each product’s footprint on their website. Allbirds’ sneakers are light and breathable—perfect for the warm summer months.

3. Bee’s Wrap makes plastic-free, compostable food storage made from organic cotton and sustainably sourced beeswax. Their reusable wraps are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic wraps and bags! Bee’s Wrap is the perfect way to store your summer produce and leftovers.

4. Ben & Jerry’s, the legendary ice cream brand, has been leading the charge on issues such as climate justice for decades. They ran their first advocacy campaign against global warming in 2007. Check out their page dedicated to climate justice, and beat the heat this summer with a pint of one of their many delicious flavors—many of which are plant-based!

5. Better World Books is an online bookstore that works with libraries and individuals to save books from landfills—more than 397 million and counting! Find a drop box near you to donate books, host a drop box in your area to help save even more books, and shop the Better World Books website for your summer reading or beach reads.

6. Beyond Meat has a range of plant-based “meat” products with significantly lower carbon footprints than beef and other meats. Learn more about the environmental benefits of plant-based eating on our blog, and try grilling up some Beyond burgers at all your summer barbecues!

7. Bigelow Tea runs on 100% renewable energy, generated by 870 solar panels at its headquarters, and diverts 95% of its waste from landfills. In 2003, Bigelow purchased the Charleston Tea Garden to save its 127 acres from real estate development. Cool off this summer with a refreshing glass of Bigelow iced tea, or visit the tea garden in South Carolina!

8. Blueland offers waste-free cleaning and personal care products. Their reusable bottles and dissolvable tablets have helped to divert more than one billion single-use plastic bottles from landfills and oceans. Their new, first-of-its-kind body wash powder turns into gel when mixed with water in their bottle that can be used forever—try out a new body wash scent this summer like Waterlily Dew or Sandalwood Sage!

9. Coola sunscreen is made from organic ingredients that are sustainably farmed and responsibly sourced. Over 80% of Coola’s bottles and jars are made from glass, which is highly recyclable, and the rest of their packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. Coola sunscreen is also Hawaii Reef Compliant, which means that it doesn’t contain chemicals harmful to coral and marine life, so you can feel good when you go in the ocean.

10. Frankie and Jo's is a women-owned ice cream shop based in Seattle that offers delicious plant-based ice creams. Eating plant-based foods has significant environmental benefits—making Frankie and Jo’s the perfect sweet and sustainable summer treat. Order online to have flavors like Matcha Mint or Mango Sorbet Swirl shipped right to your doorstep!

Plant-based ice cream from Frankie and Jo’s: Vanilla Caramel Cone, Blue Star Coffee, and Mango Sorbet Swirl!

Plant-based ice cream from Frankie and Jo’s: Vanilla Caramel Cone, Blue Star Coffee, and Mango Sorbet Swirl!

11. Imperfect Foods is a grocery delivery service that sells “ugly” produce with minor cosmetic flaws in an effort to reduce food waste, which is a serious environmental issue. So far, they’ve helped save more than 166 million pounds of food! Imperfect Foods is an easy and earth-friendly way to load up on some delicious summer produce.

12. Klean Kanteen created the original plastic-free, stainless steel water bottle back in 2004. Today, they’re Climate Neutral Certified and a member of 1% for the Planet. Klean Kanteen’s insulated bottles can keep your drinks cold this summer while you’re at the beach or the pool—one bottle can even keep your drinks iced for up to 145 hours!

13. Jeni’s Ice Creams is committed to providing zero-waste, delicious ice cream. Jeni’s has composting bins in nearly all of their stores for their compostable spoons, bowls, and napkins. To date, they have already diverted more than 100 tons of waste from landfills! Try their delicious flavors such as Wildberry Lavender, Skillet Cinnamon Roll, or Dairy-Free Cold Brew with Coconut Cream.

14. Just Water, started by Jaden Smith, offers water bottles that are made from plant-based materials, such as paper from FSC-certified forests and bioplastic made from sugarcane. These bottles create 74% less carbon emissions than traditional plastic bottles and are 100% recyclable. Stay hydrated this summer with Just Water’s plastic-free bottles.

15. MPOWERD makes solar-powered products such as outdoor lanterns, string lights, and mobile charging devices. They also work to provide clean energy to the more than 3 billion people around the world who don’t have access to clean, reliable, or affordable electricity. Add some solar-powered string lights to your patio this summer!

16. Patagonia, the popular outdoor apparel company, is one of the brands most focused on climate activism. In 2022, Patagonia made headlines when the CEO announced that he was donating the company to the planet, with 100% of profits going towards protecting the environment. This summer, spend more time outdoors enjoying our beautiful planet with your Patagonia outdoor gear and apparel.

17. Pela is known for their 100% compostable phone cases and accessories. To date, Pela customers have prevented the plastic equivalent of more than 48 million plastic bags from entering the ocean! Upgrade your phone case this summer to a fun new color or pattern, such as this turquoise sea turtle case.

18. REI is an outdoor gear cooperative that invests heavily in environmental stewardship and preserving the great outdoors. REI gives millions of dollars in grants each year to environmental organizations, fights waste by reselling used gear, and advocates for policies to protect our beloved lands. Head to your local REI this summer for all your hiking, camping, kayaking, and outdoor gear.

19. Rind Snacks is on a mission to reduce food waste by offering dried fruit and crispy fruit chips made from overripe fruit and rinds. Fruit and vegetables account for the largest portion (nearly 40%) of the 40 million pounds of food waste in the US each year—but in 2021, Rind’s products helped prevent more than 340,000 lbs of food waste. Rind’s kiwi chips or tropical dried fruit mix make the perfect healthy beach snacks!

20. Sun & Swell Foods is a plastic-free online grocery store that offers organic, plant-based foods such as dried fruits, nuts, grains, and other pantry essentials. All products come in compostable packaging that you can send back to Sun & Swell to compost for you. Fuel up for all your summer activities with Sun & Swell’s tasty and hearty snacks. 

21. Stasher bags are reusable silicone bags that are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bags. They are safe for the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer, and they come in dozens of shapes, sizes, and colors! Stashers are perfect for taking snacks on the go, packing your liquids when flying, and even keeping your phone safe at the beach.

Looking for more ways you can make a positive impact on the environment this summer? One of the easiest and most impactful ways you can help protect our planet is by choosing 100% clean, renewable energy from wind and solar for your home. Learn more about how you can sign up today to help create a better environment for future generations.

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