How You Can Help the West Coast Wildfire Victims

A wildfire warning sign.
  • Sep 18, 2020

Looking for ways you can help those affected by the wildfires in California, Oregon, and Washington? Here are several ways you can donate to help the victims, firefighters, and animals impacted by the West Coast wildfires:

1. American Red Cross is providing food, shelter, relief supplies, and comfort to the thousands of people affected by the wildfires. Donate here.

2. Animal rescue organizations are providing shelter and care to the many animals affected by the wildfires. Learn more about several Oregon animal rescue organizations that are currently accepting donations. 

3. California Fire Foundation’s Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency (SAVE) program provides immediate assistance to wildfire victims throughout California. Donate here

4. Food banks throughout the western U.S. are providing much-needed food to many people affected by the wildfires. Here are some food banks you can donate to in the areas most impacted by the fires:

5. Napa Valley Community Foundation is providing food, shelter, counseling, and even legal and housing assistance to those affected by the wildfires. Donate here

6. One Tree Planted is accepting donations to help plant trees and restore forests in California. Donate here.

7. The Salvation Army provides food, hydration, emotional support, and more to first responders, evacuees, and survivors of the wildfires. Donate here

8. United Way chapters throughout the western U.S. are accepting donations to provide housing, basic necessities, and other assistance to those impacted by the wildfires. Donate here.

9. Wildfire Relief Fund is a general fund established by GoFundMe that will be distributed to support a range of fundraisers and organizations. GoFundMe also has a page highlighting several fundraisers for various families affected by the wildfires. Donate here.

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