How You Can Love the Earth

young girl hugging a globe
  • Feb 14, 2020

From beaches to mountains, from forests to glaciers, our planet offers us so many beautiful and magnificent places that deserve our love and appreciation—and could use a little TLC. Here are some of the best ways you can show love to our planet:

1. Walk or bike to work to reduce transportation emissions.

2. Try Meatless Mondays to reduce the environmental impact of your meals.

3. Switch to an electric vehicle. Check out our guide to the 10 best electric cars on the market!

4. Advocate for changes in the office to make your workplace more eco-friendly. Check out our blog post for ideas!

5. Advocate for clean energy policies to help our country move away from fossil fuels and towards clean, renewable energy. 

6. Avoid flying on airplanes. Airplanes have a much greater carbon footprint than cars, trains and buses. 

7. Limit your food waste to help cut down on a serious environmental problem.

8. Compost your food scraps at home. Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Composting to help you get started!

9. Avoid plastics—use reusable products in place of plastic grocery bags, plastic water bottles, and so much more.

10. Plant trees if you have a yard. Trees help remove CO2 from the air and provide a home for many critters!

11. Clean up a nearby park or beach. 

12. Donate to an environmental organization that works to protect our planet. Check out our Giving Tuesday donation guide for tips on where to donate! 

13. Offset the emissions from your daily commute.

14. Recycle your old clothes rather than throwing them out and sending them to a landfill. H&M and other stores now have free clothing recycling programs!

15. Shop for clothes and other goods at thrift stores rather than buying new products. 

16. Choose to support eco-conscious brands. Check out this blog post to find green brands to support.

17. Use more eco-friendly products in your everyday life. Check out these 17 products to try!

18. Spend time outside at your favorite local hiking trail or National Park. Sign up for 100% clean, renewable energy today and we’ll give you a National Parks pass!

While all of these are great ways to love and support the earth, one of the best ways you can support the environment is by making the switch to clean energy. Show love to our planet by switching to 100% clean, renewable energy today!

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