How to Support the Environment Beyond Election Day

A group of people planting trees.
  • Nov 4, 2020

As the 2020 election season comes to a close, you might be wondering how you can continue to support our planet after voting for pro-environment candidates. Here are some of the best ways you can support and protect the environment well beyond Election Day:

1. Donate to environmental organizations. Consider supporting any of the amazing organizations that work tirelessly to protect our planet. Check out our guide from last year’s Giving Tuesday for suggestions on where to donate!

2. Reduce your energy usage. Using less energy is one of the most impactful ways you can reduce your impact on the planet and help combat climate change. Check out our blog post with tips to help you save energy during the winter. 

3. Start composting. Composting is a great way to enrich soil while keeping food waste out of landfills, where it takes up space and releases harmful methane gas. Check out our blog post for composting tips!

4. Plant trees. Trees help absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere and provide habitat to much of the world's biodiversity. Plant trees yourself in your yard, or plant them through an organization such as Arbor Day Foundation!

5. Switch to a hybrid or electric car to reduce your carbon footprint. Check out our lists of 10 great electric or hybrid cars on the market!

6. Eat more plant-based foods. Eating a plant-based diet can have significant positive impacts on the environment. Read more about the environmental benefits of plant-based eating.

7. Recycle properly. Recycling is an important way to reduce waste, but it’s only effective if you do it correctly. Check out our Recycling 101 guide for tips!

8. Talk to your loved ones about the environment. Having conversations with and educating others about the environment is an important way to help protect it. Here are some tips to help you talk to your family or children about climate change and ways you can teach kids to appreciate the environment

9. Contact your representatives. Urge your elected officials to support legislation and other measures that will help protect our planet. Find out how to contact them here, and browse current environmental protection legislation here.

10. Urge your town to go 100% renewable. Check out the more than 160 cities and towns across the country that have pledged to transition to 100% renewable energy—your town could be next!

11. Sign petitions. Support various efforts to protect our planet by signing petitions on platforms such as Care2.

12. Use your dollars wisely—support businesses that care about the environment and take actions such as using renewable energy. Check out our blog post to find out some of the most environmentally friendly brands.

13. Sign up for clean energy! Support the renewable energy industry and help reduce air pollution by signing up for 100% clean energy from wind and solar today

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