Valentine's Poems from CleanChoice #LoveYourEnergy

Pink roses and a blue sky.
  • Feb 11, 2021

Poetry speaks to the heart. CleanChoice Energy helps you align your home where your heart is by sourcing 100% renewable energy for your electricity, so every day as you live your best life, you’re plugged into saving the world. This Valentine’s Day, we’re writing poetry to our not-so-secret Valentines: people like you who choose renewable energy!

To honor and appreciate everyone who chooses clean energy, we’ll personalize a poem for everyone who shares their recent switch to clean energy, brags about their renewable energy impact, or refers friends and family to switch to CleanChoice Energy.

To participate on February 14, simply follow us on Twitter and tag us in a tweet @cleanchoice with the hashtag #LoveYourEnergy. Share your recent sign up if you're a new customer, show off your most recent impact report if you're a current customer, or encourage others to choose clean energy with CleanChoice Energy!

We’ll reply with a personal clean energy poem and nature shot to help spread our love for the planet and clean energy! 

Sign up for clean energy today at

P.S. Check out our blog post on how you can love the Earth this Valentine's Day!

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