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Since 2012, CleanChoice customers have used nearly 9 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy. Join us in accelerating the transition to a 100% clean electric grid.

Customer reviews

Robert H. | 5-star Google review: "Given the rapid negative excelleration of climate change we selected the enviromental friendly energy source . . . and that was CleanChoice Energy. We hope more people make that same choice for the sake of our children & grandchildren."

Cindy S. | 5-star Google review: "So far so good. I Have just started with CleanChoice Energy but I am for anything that will help the environment and use solar energy. I admire people, companies that will never give up on businesses and CEO's that are striving to find better ways to provide cleaner energy for their customers. I am a believer and will continue to be a supporter of CleanChoice Energy!"

Luke S. | 5-star Google review: "Bills are reasonable, no hidden fees, and you can't beat the peace of mind knowing that you're making one more contribution toward decelerating climate change."

Stephen L. | 4-star Google review: "Very good customer experience. The only thing I would like would be even more transparency as to where they get their solar energy. For example it would be awesome to be able to monitor the sources' output in real time."

Thomas C. | 5-star Google review: "CleanChoice is the obvious choice if you're conscious about your carbon footprint If you believe that every small action counts and the importance of voting with your money, don't think twice."

Patricia D. | 5-star Google review: "Renewable energy produced by wind and the sun for cleaner energy for our homes is the way I want to go for my family. We all should do our part to help reduce air pollution. This is one easy way, choose Clean Choice Energy for your home and help our planet."

Marleny A. | 5-star Google review: "Sign up process is easy and they are prompt in sending rewards if you're eligible!"

Andrew H. | 5-star Google review: "Easy to make the change. I've been on the new plan for about three months now, and I really haven't noticed much of an increase in the monthly bills. I feel better knowing that I'm no longer peeing in the community swimming pool anymore. It's a matter of cleaning up after yourself, after all."

Norris R. | 5-star Google review: "I am not a fan of spending more money but the air that we breath is very important. That is why I am willing to spend more than I have to because I want my Children and Grand Children, and , indeed, myself and all Family Members to live a full life on into the future."

Rebecca H. | 5-star Google review: "I have been very glad to get clean energy and have been able to afford the prices so far. I hope to always participate with clean energy sources so I can do good for our planet and us."

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