How You Can Celebrate Earth Day From Home

A young girl drawing the Earth in chalk on the sidewalk.
  • Apr 1, 2021

While this year’s Earth Day might look different from previous years, there are still plenty of great ways we can celebrate our planet this April 22. Here some ideas for how you can celebrate Earth Day from the safely and comfort of your own home:

1. Watch an environmental documentary or TED Talk to learn more about our planet and how you can help protect it. Check out these lists of some of our favorites documentaries and TED Talks

2. Read a book about the environment. Here are some good reads for kids, for those who want to feel hopeful, or for those who want to learn more about environmental justice

3. Donate to environmental organizations. Consider supporting any of these amazing organizations that work tirelessly to protect our planet. 

4. Host a virtual event with friends and family. Celebrate with Earth Day with a fun game of environmental bingo or trivia, or host a virtual fundraiser to support environmental organizations! 

5. Go on a virtual field trip by taking a virtual tour of the National Museum of Natural History or one of the world’s natural wonders, or by watching one of the Smithsonian National Zoo’s animal webcams.

6. Test your knowledge by taking Earth Day Network’s quizzes on topics such as clean energy, climate change, oceans and plastic pollution, deforestation and biodiversity, or Earth Day environmental literacy.

7. Take Project Drawdown’s free online course called Climate Solutions 101. This six-video course will teach you more about the science behind climate change and some of our best solutions for fighting it.

8. Start composting. Composting is a great way to enrich soil while keeping food waste out of landfills, where it takes up space and releases harmful methane gas. Check out our blog post for composting tips!

9. Use your green thumb. Plant flowers, fruits, vegetables, or other plants in your garden or in planters. Here are some of the best veggies you can grow at home!

10. Plant a tree in your yard or through an organization such as Arbor Day Foundation. Trees help absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere and provide habitat to much of the world's biodiversity!

11. Celebrate some exciting recent climate victories, such as a record-breaking year for renewable energy in 2020. Find more environmental successes in our blog post!

12. Talk to your loved ones about the environment. Having conversations with and educating others about the environment is an important way to help protect it. Here are some tips to help you talk to your family or children about climate change and ways you can teach kids to appreciate the environment

13. Learn more about your impact on the environment by calculating your carbon footprint or learning about your foodprint.

14. Sign petitions. Support various efforts to protect our planet by signing petitions on platforms such as Care2.

15. Contact your elected officials to urge them to support legislation and other measures that will help protect our planet. Find out how to contact them here, and browse current environmental protection legislation here.

16. Follow climate activists on social media. Check out some of our favorite climate voices.

17. Try out some plant-based recipes. Eating a plant-based diet can have significant positive impacts on the environment. Celebrate Earth Day with these fun, festive, and eco-friendly recipes!

18. Eat some eco-friendly ice cream from Frankie and Jo’s, Jeni’s, or Ben and Jerry’s. Try a plant-based flavor for an even more earth-friendly treat!

19. Have a dance party with one of our Spotify playlists!

20. Spend time enjoying the outdoors. One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is by getting outside and enjoying our beautiful planet!

21. Pick up litter at a nearby park, trail, or beach. Join the Great Global Cleanup, or try plogging—a Swedish fitness trend that combines jogging and picking up trash!

22. Explore the outdoors by playing nature bingo. Get started with these Nature Bingo cards!

23. Make crafts with things you find in nature such as leaves, flowers, twigs, or pebbles, or turn trash into treasure by making upcycled crafts.

24. Celebrate with the children in your life with these fun, kid-friendly Earth Day activities.

25. Create an upcycled furniture or home decor masterpiece. Check out these creative ideas!

26. Take these simple spring cleaning steps to make your home as energy-efficient as possible.

27. Learn more about the history of Earth Day in our blog post.

28. Pledge to celebrate Earth Day every day by committing to some of our Earth Day Resolutions.

29. Share your love for the Earth on social media. Tag us on Twitter and we’ll send you a personalized Earth Day poem!

30. Sign up for clean energy! One of the best ways you can celebrate our planet is by reducing your impact with 100% clean, pollution-free energy from wind and solar sources. Sign up today!

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