Earth Day Resolutions

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  • Apr 2, 2023

Earth Day may come and go every April 22, but at CleanChoice Energy, we believe we should all celebrate Earth Day, every day. 

This Earth Day, commit to these eco-friendly resolutions to make a positive impact on the planet all year long:

1. Reduce your energy usage. Using less energy is one of the most impactful ways you can help protect our planet and combat climate change. Check out our blog post with tips to help you save energy throughout the year. 

2. Eat more plant-based foods. Eating a plant-based diet can have significant positive impacts on the environment. Try giving up meat at least one day a week to reduce the impact of your meals. 

3. Recycle more—and better. Recycling is an important way to reduce waste, but it’s only effective if you do it correctly. Check out our Recycling 101 guide for tips!

4. Start composting. Composting is a great way to enrich soil while keeping food waste out of landfills, where it takes up space and releases harmful methane gas. Check out our blog post for tips to help you get started—even if you live in an apartment!

5. Avoid using single-use plastics such as plastic grocery bags, water bottles, utensils, or snack bags. Check out these tips to help you reduce your plastic use and live plastic-free.

6. Use less water. It takes a surprising amount of energy to pump, heat, treat, and move water. Simple steps such as turning the faucet off when brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, or installing a low-flow shower head can add up and save a lot of energy.

7. Go paperless. Sign up for paperless billing and statements, switch to digital copies of newspapers and magazines, or try reusable alternatives to paper towels and napkins to help save trees.

8. Reduce your transportation footprint by walking or biking instead of driving, taking public transportation, switching to an electric car, opting for virtual meetings and events, or simply driving less in general. You can also be conscious about the amount of packages you order to your home to minimize the transportation footprint of the deliveries. 

9. Fly less. Take a train or bus rather than flying, as airplanes have a much greater carbon footprint. You should also take direct flights when you can—direct flights cause fewer emissions, as the most emissions occur during takeoff and landing. 

10. Reduce the amount of food you waste. Food waste is a serious environmental issue. Be more diligent about cooking, food shopping, and eating leftovers to cut back the amount of food you throw away.

11. Buy local, seasonal produce to reduce the environmental impact of your food. You can also try growing your own produce in your garden or in planters!

12. Take steps to make your home more eco-friendly by replacing all of your traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs, installing Energy Star appliances, or investing in a smart thermostat

13. Establish better eco-friendly habits in your home. Be more diligent about turning off the lights when you leave a room, hanging your laundry to dry instead of using the dryer, and managing your thermostat wisely to conserve energy.

14. Avoid buying new clothes. Shop at thrift or consignment stores to reduce fashion waste. Also, try to donate any unwanted clothes or recycle them at H&M rather than throwing them away.

15. Try upcycling clothes, furniture, or decor, rather than buying brand new or wasting any materials. Check out these creative ideas!

16. Support businesses that care about the environment and take actions such as using renewable energy. Check out our blog post to learn about some of the most environmentally conscious brands.

17. Donate to environmental organizations. Consider supporting any of these amazing organizations that work tirelessly to protect our planet. 

18. Educate yourself more on environmental issues, the communities already affected by climate change, and your own impact on the environment. Need a place to start? Check out this blog post or these books on the important topic of environmental justice, or watch these environmental TED Talks.

19. Use your voice to advocate for the environment. Urge your elected officials to support legislation and other measures that will help protect our planet, and sign petitions on platforms such as Care2 to support various efforts to help the environment.

20. Talk to your loved ones about the environment. Having conversations about climate change is an important way to help combat it. Try to have conversations about the environment and the ways we can all help protect it, or follow these tips to help teach kids to appreciate the environment. 

21. Spend more time volunteering for the planet by planting trees or cleaning up a local park, trail, or beach. 

22. Take time each day to step away from your screens and spend time outside. Save energy and enjoy the outdoors!

23. Choose clean energy. One of the easiest and most impactful ways you can help protect our planet on Earth Day and beyond is by choosing 100% clean, renewable energy from wind and solar sources for your home. Learn more about how you can sign up today and help create a better environment for future generations!

By committing to these eco-friendly resolutions, you can join our CleanChoice team in celebrating Earth Day every day. 

Looking for more ways you can commemorate Earth Day? Check out our blog post to learn more about the history of our favorite holiday!

CleanChoice Energy celebrates Earth Day - the word LOVE with the earth as the O

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