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19 Ideas for Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Dec 4, 2020
This holiday season, give your loved ones gifts that will bring them joy and are good for the planet. Here are some ideas for eco-friendly gifts of all price ranges:
1. A smart thermostat to help control energy use—saving both money and the planet. Learn more about the benefits of smart thermostats!
2. Eco-friendly clothing and apparel, such as Adidas shoes made from recycled ocean plastic or clothing from tentree—a sustainable clothing company that plants ten trees for every item sold!
3. A National Parks pass. Give your loved one the gift of nature!  
4. A sustainable cookbook with plant-based, waste-free, or other eco-friendly recipes. Did you know that plant-based eating has significant environmental benefits?
5. A 4ocean bracelet. 4ocean removes one pound of trash from the ocean for every bracelet purchased!
6. Solar-powered products from MPOWERD, such as string lights, lanterns, and even phone chargers!
7. A Pela phone case. Pela offers 100% compostable phone cases, AirPods cases, smart watch bands, and more! 
8. A puzzle made from recycled materials, from brands such as eeBoo or Cobble Hill. It's a great gift for any age!
9. Live plants, such as succulents or other decorative house plants. Help your loved one green their home with these air-purifying house plants!
10. An electric scooter, bike, or even car. If you have a big holiday budget and want to go all-out with gift-giving this year, consider buying your loved one an electric or hybrid car or electric rideable to help them reduce their carbon footprint! 
11. A donation to an environmental organization in their name. Check out these 20 great organizations you can support! 
12. Trees planted in their name. The Arbor Day Foundation will plant trees in honor of your loved one and even print them a certificate!
13. Reusable products to help your loved ones reduce waste. Check out our blog post with several great ideas!
14. Zero Waste Starter Kit from Zero Waste MVMT. This bundle is the ultimate beginner’s kit for living waste-free!
15. Blueland waste-free cleaning products. Blueland offers reusable spray bottles and cleaning solution tablets that dissolve in water for simple, cost-effective, and waste-free cleaning!
16. Products from Certified B Corporations, such as Stasher reusable bags, Bee’s Wrap beeswax wrap, Swell reusable water bottles, or any of these other amazing B Corps!
17. A gift card to an eco-friendly brand. Check out our blog post to find environmentally conscious brands
18. Greeting cards made from plantable seed paper. Send your loved ones cards from Bloomin or tentree that they can plant to grow beautiful flowers!
19. Holiday offsets to support the sustainable care of forests. This holiday season, give your loved one a gift that will heal our planet for future generations. Use code HOLIDAY for 20% off your gift to help replenish our forests!
Looking for more ways you can reduce your impact on the environment this holiday season? Give yourself the gift of a cleaner planet by signing up for 100% clean, renewable energy!

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